Second screen app

  • Year:
  • Client: SVT
  • Agency: Talkative
  • Role: Interaction Designer

Antikrundan (Antiques Roadshow) is a second screen app for iOS and Android. This app lets the user play along with the TV show, Antikrundan - in real time!

The user can join in on guessing the value of the objects, directly from their comfy sofa. Some valuations last through the whole episode and the user must decide the value before it's announced on the show. During the episode the user is presented with some interesting antiques facts, which they can bookmark and read more about.

When the show is over you get your diploma. Based on how well you did, you get one of the titles: "Antikintresserad", "Antikkunnig" or "Antikexpert". Then it's time to brag and share your result in social media!

The app was launched as it's own app but a few years later it was merged into SVT's Duo app, where they keep most of their apps.

Ny app för #antikrundan - med ljudsynk mot tv/play. Jag är hooked - heja @gunnarr och SVT-gänget. Välgjort!