If you want to know more about me, well here you go.

My name is Tommy Borgenfalk Skott and I'm a freelancing Developer & Ui/Ux Designer. I have always had a curiosity for the dynamic and creative nature of web development.

I live in the most southern town in Sweden 🇸🇪 - called Trelleborg. I was born here and now I'm living here with my wife, Emelie and our family of five. I have three kids, a daughter named Elvira and the twins Majken & Ruben.

I studied 3 years at Mediegymnasiet in Malmö (1999-2002), where I learned the fine arts of Graphic Design. The education didn't cover any web development at all, apart from some interactive animations in Macromedia Flash - no code though. At this time I fell seriously in love with coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So I needed to learn it in my spare time since it wasn't covered in my education. I was commuting daily between Trelleborg and Malmö, so when school was over for the day, I printed out some tutorials about HTML and read them on the bus home. I had no laptop and the iPhone and iPad didn't exist yet, so this was my only option. Haha!

From this moment, I knew that it was web development I wanted to do. A few years later I studied Digital Media Distribution in Hultsfred (2006-2008), which lead me to an internship for a couple of months (2007) in London, UK - at a digital agency, called Large Design. And later (2008) I got an internship in Malmö, which landed my first job in the web dev industry at a web agency, called Basilicon. I've been in the web industry since then. Check out my cv for full experience list.

I'm a self-taught developer and digital designer, with 14+ years experience in the industry. I've been working on different agencies, helping local and international companies of all spectrums. Today I'm freelancing full time at my own company Borgenfalk & Skott AB.

How nice of you to check in! Don't hesitate to reach out to me.