ELLE trend

Your look. Your friends. All trends.

  • Year:
  • Client: ELLE Sweden
  • Agency: Teknograd, Deportivo
  • Role: Frontend Developer

Back in 2011 when it was still iOS 5, we created a new social media platform for all the readers of fashion magazine ELLE. Editor in chief, Hermine Coyet Ohlén @herminecoyet , wanted to give her readers a platform where they could talk about what they fancy the most - fashion!

The user could post photos of outfits and accessories that they loved and their friends could like them and write comments about them. You could follow the people at ELLE and have a glance at what they think is trending right now. We delivered an awesome app experience for iOS with a custom powerful API, a UX design where the users could browse and socialize without getting lost.

We even won “Best app of 2011 in category life style” in App Store! 🍾🥂