A new hope

Photo of a bridge

Photo by: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

A fresh new year! ✨ The pandemic is hopefully somewhat over, or at least the worst part of it. Everyone has been longing to get back to seeing friends and family. Hopefully something good will come out of this too. Like remote working e.g. I will write more about remote working on a future blog post.

Lately I've been focusing on learning app development for iOS using Swift, SwiftUI and SpriteKit. I've built games, productivity apps and a few concept apps. Looking forward to build more! What do you want to learn this year?

Oh btw, I'm currently rebuilding this site, so some parts may be incomplete.

This website is built with Next.js and deployed to Netlify. The source code is version controlled with git on GitHub. The blog and portfolio sections are written in markdown and all assets are loaded from Cloudinary.